Valuation of Property and Production Facilities

We have been valuing property of all kinds for more than a century.

Whether freehold flat, villa, tower block, local shopping centre, hospital, commercial property or factory, amusement part or airfield, our team of specialists – consisting of certified chartered surveyors (graduates of the German Real Estate Academy (DIA) in Freiburg), certified (CIS HypZert, inter alia) or publicly appointed and sworn chartered surveyors, internationally recognised chartered surveyors according to the standards of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (MRICS), business school graduates, engineering school graduates, real estate managers (DIA) and solicitors – will determine the correct market value (fair market value) of your property.

Here are a few examples of our range of services:

  • Assessing developed and undeveloped land in accordance with all nationally standardised procedures (e.g. ImmoWertV, BauGb, WertR) or in accordance with international assessment standards (RICS; Fair/Market value n. IAS 16/40, IFRS).
  • Determining market values, investment values, loan values, rental values and the communal property value (DOPPIK), as well as evaluating rights to and restrictions on properties.

Quality through precision work – fair, objective valuation of properties and contaminated sites. One’s first house, inheriting, selling a business, a new stage in one’s life – there are many opportunities to talk to us about evaluating your property portfolio. We work intensively towards satisfying your requirements and helping you achieve your goals - always independently and competently. The result is the customer-oriented organisation of your property – whether it is worth 100.000 € or 100.000.000 €.

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