Introducing your project/company to investors

On behalf of our clients, we handle the introduction and marketing of your project/company to potential active or passive investors or joint-venture partners.

We hereby proceed as follows:

  • Identifying potentially interested investors in Europe and overseas. (strategic partner searches)
  • Establishing contact and sending marketing material to interested investors (the results of our Due Diligence can be forwarded at a later stage).
  • Conducting bilateral negotiations with the most important potential investors.
  • Requesting all possible offers, declarations of intent (LOI) and preliminary evaluations. If necessary, initiating a bidding procedure or an EU-wide tender.
  • Acquiring and introducing potential investors; agreement concerning the performing of a Due Diligence test with the best bidders (in this connection: organising a suitable data room using the locally available legal resources and accounting resources).
  • Planning, organising and performing the Due Diligence test.
  • Subsequent to requesting, analysing and evaluating all binding offers, we then select the best bidder.
  • Supporting the drafting of a Purchase Agreement and other necessary legal documents (local legal advice: external).

Throughout all stages, we maintain a close, trusting relationship with our contractual partners.