Consultancy and Analytical services

We provide consultancy and analytical services in the area of reorganising and financing young (e.g., from start ups to IPO) and well established companies as well as national and international PPP or PFI projects.

  • Compiling Due Diligence analysis reports and feasibility studies for the purpose of deciding on new projects. Identifying corporate financial needs and determining key (if necessary) mergers & acquisitions criteria.
  • Strategic partner searches. Devising a marketing strategy (possibly preparing the necessary marketing material), an investment memorandum and an investment proposal aimed at winning potential (active or passive) investors. (see presentation)
  • Determining the optimal finance structures for investments in both a national and international context, as well as private equity finance raising.
  • Specifying the most suitable legal form from both a legal and tax point of view and in consultation with the local, national and international environment.
  • Detailed micro and macro analyses for the purpose of defining the market/environment.
  • Negotiations with local and national governments and EU authorities regarding the ideal and material support (e.g. projects of national interest) for the purpose of identifying opportunities to obtain soft loans, lost subsidies, export financing and guarantees, tax exemptions (VAT) and other state subsidies (here, we have been able to reduce investment costs by up to 60% in the past!).
  • Identifying and realising possible potential for tax optimisation (e.g. legal form or structure of the company to be established, see above).
  • Analysis of existing "Human Resources" and their expandability (training: local schools and universities, age structure of the working population, employment market, potential lack of skilled workers, etc.).